Felted travels

The felted adventures continue! But this work is more special - it was made as a gift to a very special traveler. She went all the way to Africa and back! The frame was made to wish her luck with her travels and to contain a little amount of money for the time when her finances are almost finished from the journey. :D Just kidding, but we wanted to help anyway.

This technique was a little different from the other felted frames I have done. A little bit of mixed media - felt and wool with thread. The felt was used for the big shapes and the wool was to add a little bit of gradient and depth.

The plane is made from wool and cord - it can actualy move across the frame!

Generally the work turned out to be very simplistic and expressive yet the techniques used were complicated but exiting to do. The result is very pleasing and I expect to continue experimenting in this style.

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