Felted Poems

This time I made two frames for the 1st Illustration Biennale in Bulgaria. Since this is a great opportunity, was very excited to create something beautiful and unique! The illustrations are inspired by the amazing "A Book of Bestial Nonsense" by Simon Drew. This book was a gift and the poems in it are quirky and ridiculous.

The first one has Christmas spirit in it: "Last Christmas we all got together and we ate the last goose that we'd saved. 'Twas the last time we saw Auntie Heather 'cos Auntie Maud's cat misbehaved."

The main figure has a simple silhouette together with a strong presence. The fewer details on the cat makes it mysterious and scary. The eye is drawn to the goose in the center.

And of course Aunt Heather - the main "victim" of the story! The fact is it was my decision to make the auntie a goose but it seemed appropriate at the time.

In this work I continue to use the mixed technique of felt and wool. The felt gives you the opportunity to add layers to the image and the wool adds the appropriate texture. Everything is attached either by sewn thread or felted with needle.

The real depth gives a little 3D experience and adds to the image.

The second of the two illustrations is inspired by the "Breakfast kit" poem from the same book. "..Everyone packed up the hamper and though it may now seem absurd spaces were left in the basket to fit in a very small bird..."

Basically the text is about the unspoken things and the forgotten pleasures. I of course decided to make it funny and added the little inconvenience of every picnic ever - ants! When you think of picnic you never give a second thought about all the unpleasant things that can happen. And yet...

In the close-ups you can see the details in the artwork. These little elements add character.

The leaf shape represents the place of action - nature.

Both illustrations are simplistic and playful and present my understanding of the poems and the images they evoke in my mind. I have tried to express the weirdly delicious feeling from the poems in the illustrations.

Hopefully, I succeeded!

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