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Small encyclopedia of the secret life of mermaids

The mysterious mermaid... A lot of tales and myths have been said and repeated about them. They are beautiful, dangerous, seductive and can take your breath away. But one thing can be said about them for sure - they are POWERFULL!

So I guess it's only natural that people are still very interested in them. I heard about #Mermay about three years ago - a whole month (May), 31 mermaids, every day! It seemed difficult for me, especially to combine it with work. But in 2019 I decided to try and join. It's simple - you post a drawing a day and hashtag it. Sometimes there are prompt lists - a list with themes for each day. The one I used was list of real species of fishes. Thousands of people join in and it is AWESOME!

I was really pleased with the results and it was great practice for me - I could feel my abilities getting better with each and every day drawing. But in the end my mermaids only existed in Instagram and since one year passed trying to figure out what to do with them. Then it finally hit me - I can just SHARE! So, I'm pleased to present my newest, completely free for viewing, digital "zine" - "Small encyclopedia of the secret life of mermaids".

It contains my 31 #Mermay illustrations and a little information about the species that inspired them. I've listed their habitat, eating patterns and a few very interesting facts! All the information is from Wikipedia with some small changes for the purposes of the zine. I specifically used the word "Encyclopedia" because.. why not! Even if their existence is not proven, they still inhabit the imagination of people. I created a sign to indicate the fishes that are endangered - "Red List" and on the back of the encyclopedia you can find information about the endangered species. Because knowledge is POWER.

I hope you enjoy the zine as much as I did creating it! And for the cherry at the top - I've created wallpapers so that you can have your personal mermaid! Below are the links for desktop and phone sizes.


Desktop Wallpaper

Phone Wallpaper

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