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Question mark

Emotional intelligence - what is that and why do children need to learn this? That is the question that the "Question mark" organization is asking. But before that they needed a logo to represent this simple yet deep concept. So the assignment was given - a logo that represents the quest for emotional knowledge.

The original shape is question mark hence the name of the organization. But the complicity of the matter comes from the road you have to walk to understand yourself and others. The spiral is the continuous road towards your inner self and directly inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the rabbit hole.

The used colors are vibrant and childishly bright. The gradient from dark to light represent the road that leads up. The yellow is the color of curiosity and the blue of deep understanding.

The visualizations include a t-shirt and a pamphlet. These materials are likely to be used in the furute of the company. The organization will have a lot of meetings and events - the best way to be noticed and to distribute information.

The other logo design is created to be ever chanding and interactive - the main shapes are inspired by other signs of the alphabet and rearranging them will lead to creation of many connected images and diversity of the logo.

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