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Juice Packaging

The assingment was to create a juicy, colorful package design for childrens' nectar drink.
The task was not easy as the market is full with colorful and bright designs of similar products.
But this particular nectar has a unique quality - made mainly with aronia, its flavor is strong, has no added sugar or substitutions used in the making.
After research of package designs of similar products and the trends of children products, my colleagues and I decided to create a character for every flavor with its own name, backstory and trade.

Each character has a unique trade mark and name. They smile or they’re shy or funny. The bright, vibrant colors attract the eyes and make the products more appealing both to adults and children.

The pallete consists of bright, vibrant colors - to attract atention between other similar products and to entertain the buyers.

Usually there is a lot of information on the packages - ingredients, origin, use before date, etc. But since this juice had such distinctive ingredients and really good impact on the health, we decided that lack of space will not stop us from delivering this information to the user.

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