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The Woman on the Orient Express

Publishing house "Prozorec" has assigned me a job to create a cover for a book they are releasing in Bulgarian. Lindsay Jane Ashford's "Oriental Express Woman" is a crime novel in which the fates of three women, one of them is the only and unique Agatha Christie, intertwine! It was a pleasure to design a cover after so long! I researched extensively about the era in which the events took place - clothes, the ways of life.

There is a photograph of the author, a short information about her and anotation of the book in all of the designs I made.

The design represent the balance between the feminine presence and the brutal events taking place. The silhouette is walking on a thin line and the shadows are three - one for each of the main characters. The technique used is collage of a photo and real train plans. The color scheme is soft with black and white accent.

The secong proposal is minimalist, modern and expressive. The train is a mere silhouette and the focus is on the smoke - the three main characters appear in the smoke. The brigh colored details does not distract from the general idea. The title is handwritten.

The approved design is strongly inspired by the remake of "Murder in Orient Express" - the Art deco elements and the main color scheme. The woman's silhouette is corresponding directly with the title.

The book is now in the bookstores!

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