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A very interesting project I just finished. It's part of a competition organized by TI-RE Collective. They release open calls for creating books with a specific assignment for all participants. The first year the challenge was to create a book based on a single sentence. This year it has to be from a single paragraph - pick a random paragraph from a book and create a whole new book. Exciting stuff. So I remembered that a few months back a friend of mine sent me a very creepy and juicy paragraph from a book she had read. The book was "Shantaram" by Gregory David Roberts and the paragraph was perfect.

The topic of the book is badness. The badness in us. The darkness that grows within. And how exactly does that darkness come to be? See for yourself.

The technique used is spray paint with stencils and hand drawn illustrations. The typography is crooked and tiny - just like the evil itself.

The paragraph: "Madam Zhu laughed, a grumpy, laughing laugh: the laughter that chased down funny stuff and turned them into cold bodies."

In darkness we search, in darkness we find.

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