My name is Desislava Naydenova a.k.a. Messy Dessie.
I like winter, chocolate ice cream and sewing.
Love talking a lot and doing something new.
Challenges frustrate and motivate me and the best results are always my goal.

Oh, I am in search for the perfect dessert and pet! (not necessarily the same thing)

My education was aiming to lead me to become the illustrator I aspire to be now. I have Bachelor degree from the National Academy of Art in „Book and Printed graphics“. It gave me all that necessary skills to explore the fields of design and execute various projects. It shaped me into the graphic designer I am now. Later on I continued my education with a Master degree in „Illustration“. This helped me to get to know the world I wanted to be part of - the world of ILLUSTRATION! Still at the beginning of the journey, though.

A little straighforward info:

My professional experience
I was an apprentice art editor at Publishers “Prosveta Sofia” АД and apprentice graphic designer at Advertisement agency “Символ” ООД. Currently I am a senior graphic designer - graphic design, prepress publishing, package and logo design Advertisement agency “Ideas Lab” OOD.

I participated in a few competitions like the one for the design of a new logo for „Bulgartransgas“ Ltd., retailer Tochici and the Dummy Book Award 2017 competition for photobooks. And a couple of exhibitions - Second International Biennial of bookplate and small format graphics in China; „After the Ice“, Academy Gallery; „Poetry and Calligraphy“, Ruse, on the occasion of May 24; „The transformation of the paper“ part of the „Sofia Paper Art Fest 2013“, etc. I had a solo exhibition in Algara Gallery part of European Night of Museums. Also try to promote author's books where I can like the bazaars, Sofia International Book Fair, 4th editionand exhibition at the National Library.

If this is convincing enough and you liked what you saw here, then I am your guy!(figuratively speaking)
I enjoy working with people who get excited just as I do when something new and interesting is about to be created. Let‘s do something together!

You can find me here: